Consultation & Maintenance

So now you’re up and rolling, have an amazing website, but don’t have the know-how or the time to manage and update it? Oops! Don’t worry. Our web specialists can help you with that. Some people want to do it themselves. We get it. We can either coach you with managing your website an also virtually anything you need on the web. Whether it’s with social media, email marketing or even your setting up your emails. Sign up for consultation and we will walk you through it!

Don’t want to do it yourself? We get that too. You are an expert at what you do. We would never attempt to try our hand at heart surgery! (Well may too extreme, but you get it.) Why should you waste your time managing your website yourself? Let our specialists handle that for you. You sit back and relax while your website is up to date and looking great! It’s like having a super-efficient assistant that makes your life easier.

Consultation Know How

Imagine you have a great looking web site, your visitors are impressed with the dynamic design, but they don’t know how to get to your products. Or you are not getting the response you are looking for because your contact information is so hard to find and your site visitors are just giving up. Or let’s say you have great content and information, but your web site looks outdated and does not attract your target audience.

The success of a great web site depends on a delicate balance of it being aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and at the same time – Search Engine friendly. This is sometimes very difficult to achieve because designers tend to use graphical elements to achieve their design goals and tend to forget the importance of well-planned navigation, the content of the site and the load time of the pages themselves.

Search engines are looking for web sites that will load fast, be useful and relevant for their users. With the exception of a few, most Search Engines have spiders crawling your site. A good designer will be able to provide a great design that will do all these things and achieve that delicate balance that will give your web site visibility on the Search Engines, and in turn, get you in front of your potential customers.

This will, of course, take time and effort, after all, Rome was not built in a day! But all jokes aside, you need to come to the table prepared! Here are just some of the elements to consider when planning for a successful web site:

1. Set precise and clear goals for your business

• Who is your target market – Who are you trying to attract?
• What are you trying to accomplish – Informational or E-Commerce?
• Short term project or long term commitment?

2. Plan, Plan, Plan!

• What will be the structure of your web site? What types of pages will you have? Put together an outline.
This will help you get your thoughts and expectations across to your designer and will ultimately save you
time and money at the executing stages of your web site.
• Do you have content for your web pages? – Don’t assume if you have an e-commerce site, you don’t need
content. Shoppers don’t like a hard sell. If you don’t have useful information to go along with your product,
this will turn people off.
• Plan for future growth – Lots of times people will have a web site that will not allow them to grow with
it and add on pages and content. The last thing you want to do after you put so much time and effort into your
design is to re-design!

3. Marketing Plan

• Do you have a consistent look for your business that people recognize? Logo?
• How are people going to find you? Search Engines, Referrals, Print Materials?
• Do you have a good URL (domain name) reserved? Will it be easy for people to remember?
• Do you have a niche in your industry? What are some of your keywords that you will be targeting?
• What is your message?

Get the picture yet? All this can be a little overwhelming, but we promise, if done right in the end it will also be very rewarding. It is never too late to update your web site. In fact, Search Engines like to see you working on your site on a regular basis. If you let them know properly, they will be looking for fresh content and upgrades from you which is the kind of recognition that you are looking for.

We can help you at whatever stage you are on. Whether you need help in goal setting, pinpointing your target audience, setting a marketing plan, or if you just have questions on what you can do to make your web site shine, we can help you. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experts are here to explain everything to you in simple terms that anyone can understand.

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