Joomla Development

Why Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most popular free content management systems (CMS) in the world that allows you to easily create and manage a dynamic website. If content is the strong focus for your website, Joomla is for you!  It has an intuitive back-end to control all the features and functionality.

What else you ask? There are hundreds of free and low-cost extensions written for Joomla that allows users to extend its functionality and customize it to their own objectives. Joomla Content Management System is supported by a large and friendly community where newbies could really rely on assistance from more experienced members. Joomla counted more than 30 million downloads in 2012 and is growing!

So if you decide to start a website on Joomla CMS, you are on the right track!

What are the benefits of Joomla for you?

Fast, safe, and easy editing
Finding the right page and editing content with a standard CMS is easy, but Joomla makes it even easier, simply because Joomla uses a clear page structure and powerful editors that will make the person editing the website feel as if he’s editing a Microsoft Word document, and not content on his website. Oh and you would not worry if someone is editing the same content at the same time because Joomla locks the file until you’re finished with your changes.

Powerful and easy menu creation tool
This is probably one of the major reason that made Joomla so popular in the CMS world is its easy menu creation tool. Anyone (even those with no programming experience whatsoever) can easily create hierarchical menus consisting of various menu items pointing to different locations internally (to the website) and externally.

Accessible & Open Source Core
Joomla is created using PHP and uses MySQL for data storage. PHP is the most important open source web scripting language at the moment (by the way, Facebook is powered by PHP), and MySQL is the most powerful and most used open source database. This strategic (and old) decision of using PHP and MySQL has made it easier for many developers to support Joomla and to program new Joomla extensions. Additionally, Joomla is typically hosted on a Linux server and is (also typically) served by an Apache web server – this makes Joomla 100% open source, in its code and its infrastructure.

Joomla’s core can easily be changed by anyone with PHP experience. This is because Joomla’s core code is clear, well written, and well documented. Changing Joomla’s core is sometimes necessary to extend or to optimize Joomla. If this is done, right it will not be overwritten when Joomla gets upgraded.

Multilingual support
Joomla is natively multilingual. This means that you can build a website in English, and create another version of the same site in other languages, such as French and/or Spanish. Joomla thus will easily give you access to a broader audience.

Security updates
Open Source Matters releases security updates whenever any maintained version of Joomla is reported to have a security issue. These security updates ensure that Joomla websites all over the world run smoothly and securely.

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